Earn up to £10 commission with PayPoint per SIM

SIM cards are free of charge to PayPoint retailers

By offering SIM cards in store you can gain new top-up customers who will visit regularly. As an added bonus, you will earn extra commission by stocking PayPoint SIM cards. All major mobile networks are available and you can order SIM cards quickly and easily, at no charge.

Ordering options:

  1. Emailing our dedicated advisors [email protected]
  2. Calling the SIM team on 0330 400 0014


Why choose PayPoint?

Great commission rates - Earn up to £10 per SIM with our clear, simple commission structure

No minimum requirements - Get paid on every SIM activation and top up event – no minimum requirements

Free to stock - Get free point of sale and display units, as well as free SIM cards to stock

No fuss commission - Receive commission directly into your bank account

Monitor your sales - Track your SIM revenue on MyPayPoint.com and get support and guidance from our dedicated SIM team

Compliment your top-ups - One stop shop for your SIM and top up needs from the convenience retail experts