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Customers can rely on PayPoint retailers this Christmas

Welwyn Garden City, 21 December 2015 -  With Christmas this week, most of us are concentrating on those last minute preparations and plans. Fortunately, there’s one less thing to worry about should your meter run short of energy or if you need to do some last minute shopping on the day. Many PayPoint shops will be open during the festive period, allowing people all over the country to top up their gas and electricity prepayment meters.

“Spending the holidays in a cold house with no electricity to cook Christmas dinner is not ideal for anyone,” says Steve O’Neill, Group Marketing Director of PayPoint UK. “Customers will still be able to top up their gas or electricity through PayPoint at many of the 28,500 local newsagents, corner shops, forecourts, supermarkets and convenience stores over Christmas and New Year, when most other shops will be closed.

“Last year, more than 4.5 million people were able to top up their gas and electricity meters at PayPoint over the Christmas and New Year holidays, saving the day for many families.”

Around half the 28,500 shops in the PayPoint network around the country will be open on Christmas Day, when, last year, 207,000 people topped up their gas or electricity. You will also be able to buy credit for your new mobile phone and gaming vouchers for your new PlayStation all at your local PayPoint.

“With our vast nationwide network, almost everyone has a convenient PayPoint close to their home. PayPoint retailers are at the heart of their community and provide a vital service to their customers over the festive period,” adds Steve O’Neill.


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