PayPoint Mini – designed for convenience retail

Introducing PayPoint Mini and Connect: The next generation of PayPoint technology integrating with EPoS partners, Shopmate*, to bring you a complete point of sale system.

Discover our modern and efficient PayPoint Mini, a handheld point of sale system that combines all your PayPoint services, card payments, and more into one smart device. PayPoint Mini is the perfect example of technology designed specifically for a fast-paced convenience retail environment. It's a comprehensive point of sale system that fits in the palm of your hand, featuring an integrated card reader for debit and credit, a compact printer, and a scanner for all-in-one functionality. The Mini has a convenient charging docking station and a PPoS** unit to handle energy transactions effortlessly.

With PayPoint Connect integrate smoothly with your existing EPoS system through your own chosen accredited EPoS provider***, making it the ideal solution for modern retail system needs.


Why choose PayPoint Mini and Connect?

Space saving - Use your counter space more efficiently with a multi-functional design. Combines cards, PayPoint services, scanning and printing.

Fully EPoS integrated* - No more separate keying. Serve customers quickly in one transaction.

New ways to earn - Technology at your fingertips. Automatic updates and access to the latest services and opportunities to boost your income.

Flexibility - The Wi-Fi enabled device fits neatly into your hands. Use at the counter and on the shop floor to serve customers and scan parcels.

Peace of mind - Back up data SIM card for peace of mind and business continuity.

Support - Dedicated relationship managers, plus telephone and web support 365 days a year to offer expert help and support whenever you need it.

Increase footfall - opportunities to increase footfall intro your store for additional sales and profits!

Four-hour swap - If an issue can't be resolved remotely you can have peace of mind with our four-hour swap out, with no data loss, minimising disruption.****

*ShopMate and PayPoint have partnered to bring you integrated EPoS, card payments and PayPoint technology for a complete convenience retail system in the palm of your hand.

**PPoS unit is a piece of PayPoint technology to facilitate energy key, energy card and smart card transactions.

***PayPoint Connect accreditation is granted by PayPoint to EPoS providers who meet specific implementation criteria for the integration of the PayPoint Mini device with the relevant EPoS system for the provision of integrated card and PayPoint services.

****Four-hour swaps to be met in 95% of qualifying swap calls, which are subject to PayPoint contact centre technical service hours and swap service operator hours. Get expert help online 24/7 at Phone support also available Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm. Correct as of 16 April 2024.