Cash Withdrawals

Help provide a valuable service to your community with PayPoint Counter Cash and ATMs

There is still a reliance on cash across much of the UK with recent PayPoint research showing that 43 of 48 UK counties included in the study had an overall cash reliance score of 50% or more. This indicates that there is demand for cash by millions of people to support day-to-day expenditure. PayPoint Counter Cash and ATMs are a valuable service to the community, helping people get access to their cash at a time and place, that is convenient to them.

PayPoint Counter Cash

Launched in November 2021, PayPoint Counter Cash is a service for consumers to gain access to their cash in any denomination from £0.01p to £50 or check their bank balance for free without the need to make a purchase.

This is all managed from your existing PayPoint device so there is no need for any additional technology to process these transactions. The service is available across the UK at selected PayPoint sites where there are limited locations for communities to access their cash.

PayPoint ATMs

Our self-fill ATMs enable you to recycle your cash and thereby reduce your banking charges as well as providing a vital service for your community.

With over 4,000 retailers and over 15 years of ATM experience in convenience retail, our ATMs come free of charge with no hidden costs. You will also earn commission on every customer cash withdrawal.

Help drive extra valuable footfall into your store with customer spend on average 4.7% higher vs external ATMs.

Save on banking charges by recycling your cash

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Why choose PayPoint?

Earn commission on every transaction - Get paid for every customer transaction including Cash Withdrawals and Balance Enquiries

Save on banking charges by recycling your cash - Our unique Single Daily Settlement system means all of your bill payment cash can be recycled and used in your ATM or PayPoint Counter Cash service, meaning you reduce your banking charges

Offer a vital, high profile community service - There is still an overwhelming demand for cash in communities and PayPoint Counter Cash and ATMs will help to service those demands

Drive footfall and basket spend - On average customers spend 5% more in store when using an internal ATM than customers using an external ATM*

Convenience retail experts – Over 15 years of ATM experience with over 4,000 retailers benefiting from a PayPoint ATM, one of the UK’s largest networks for independents

Make your space work harder - Our ATMs are small footprint and require minimal space with no planning permission or building works required. PayPoint Counter Cash is managed on your existing PayPoint device so no additional space is required.

*CTP 2016