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Has Romance Doner Runner? Sales of ready meals for one soar as cost-of-living hits Valentine’s Day

Welwyn Garden City, 16 February 2023: Data from PayPoint’s network of 28,000 retail partners reveals that in addition to the customary purchases of wine and chocolate on Valentine’s Day, sales of ready meals soared as much as 84%.

Purchases of Snackster’s Doner Kebab increased by 84% on Valentine’s Day, when compared to average sales of the same product for the three weeks prior. This was followed by Eazi Mash Instant Mashed Potato and Vifon Instant Soup which saw increases in sales of 76% and 71% respectively.

Some of the top 10 ready meals sold were:

  1. Snackster’s Doner Kebab (+84%)
  2. Eazi Mash Instant Mashed Potato (+76%)
  3. Vifon Instant Soup (+71%)
  4. Sharwood’s Sweet and Sour Chicken with rice (+51%)
  5. Sharwood’s Lamb Biryani (+40%)
  6. Young’s Mariners Pie (+39%)
  7. Nong Shim Kimchi Noodles (+32%)
  8. Aunt Bessie’s Toad in the Hole (+23%)
  9. Sharwood’s Chicken Tikka Masala and Rice (+19%)
  10. Ben’s Original Caribbean Inspired Flavoured Rice (+8%)

Additional brands that saw increased sales on Valentine’s Day versus the previous three weeks included: Stella Artois (+30%), OJ Premium Beer (+23%) and Echo Falls Summer Berries (+16%) alongside Ferrero Rocher (+20%) and Mars bars (+20%) and Munchies (+13%).

Steve O’Neill, Corporate Affairs and Marketing Director at PayPoint, said: “The rising cost-of-living combined with inflation didn’t seem to deter shoppers looking to buy an extra something special this Valentine’s Day and as always our network of 28,000 retailers were ready to serve.”

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