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New prepaid cards to boost footfall at PayPoint retailers in time for Christmas

Welwyn Garden City, 10 December 2012 - PayPoint has launched two new prepaid card schemes that will help to bring additional footfall and sales to its retailers’ stores in the run up to Christmas.

The Swirl™ MasterCard makes an ideal Christmas gift and can be used just like a credit card, anywhere MasterCard is accepted. In addition to earning commission on every load, PayPoint retailers can also profit by stocking card packs in their shop and selling them to customers. The cards can be ordered through their PayPoint terminal.

The second new prepaid card scheme is CitizenCard’s unique combined proof-of-age and pre-paid card, which carries Home Office-approved photo-ID. The new chip & pin secured card offers retailers one of the most trusted, safe, secure and easy ways to verify their customer’s age and enables the cardholder to prove who they are, how old they are and that they can pay for the goods and services they are entitled to buy.

The card displays the owner’s date of birth as well as an easy-to read age band (12-15; 16-17; 18+ and 21+) and carries the Government’s PASS mark (proof of age standard scheme), which is recognised as valid ID by the Home Office, the Scottish Government, the Police and Trading Standards, and is approved by Visa.

“These new cards offer PayPoint retailers great additional earning potential,” said Andrew Goddard, Retail Director at PayPoint UK & Ireland. “Not only will they profit from top-ups and activations but, as independent research from him! shows*, a high proportion of customers coming into the shop to use the PayPoint terminal for bill payments of top-ups spend more on other goods in the store and are more inclined to make unplanned purchases.

“And with CitizenCard, retailers can feel safe in the knowledge that, by checking the age on the card, they are not falling foul of age restrictions on selling certain goods.

“PayPoint is constantly exploring new ways to generate additional footfall, sales and higher commissions for our retailers. This is yet another example of PayPoint working hard to ensure that its retailers benefit from the best and most innovative new products and developments across our markets, so we can drive more customers into their shops and help them to boost their sales. There are more such opportunities in the pipeline, which I look forward to announcing in the future.”


* According to him!, Paypoint users visit the shop more frequently than the average shopper (4.61 vs 3.68 times per week), spend more per visit (£7.47 vs £5.47) and so are worth 71 per cent more over a week (£34.44 vs £20.13)…or  £1,790.88 per shopper, per year.

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