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Pretty as a pitcher: International Beer Day reveals UK's most loved beer brands

15 August 2022, Welwyn Garden City: New data from PayPoint’s network of 28,000 convenience stores has revealed the UK’s most popular beers based on sales over International Beer Day (5th Aug).

The annual calendar event, which takes place on the first Friday of August, saw an increase in sales for some of the UK’s most popular beer brands, with many including the likes of Holsten Pils (+39%) and Heineken NRB (+31%) seeing double digit sales growth versus the Fridays prior.

Some of the top 5 include:

  1. Holsten Pils Lager (+39%)
  2. Kestrel Super (+36%)
  3. Heineken NRB (+31%)
  4. Corona Extra (+23%)
  5. Stella Artois (+23%)

Data from PayPoint also reveals the thirstiest areas of the UK that saw a surge in sales of beer last Friday, with three out four of the home nations represented in the top 5:

  1. Dorset (+46%)
  2. London (+40%)
  3. Fife (+21%)
  4. Aberdeenshire (+17%)
  5. Clwyd (+16%)


Anthony Sappor, Head of Retail Partnerships, PayPoint: “The warm weather, coupled with a day that brings joy to many, was a great reason to say cheers and mark International Beer Day last Friday. PayPoint stores, which are open early until late, 7 days week, always do an excellent job at catering to the needs and wants of their local communities. It’s clear that last Friday the fridges were well stocked and they didn’t disappoint those in the market for a cold beer as they headed into the weekend.”

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