Is buying a franchise or symbol store a sensible idea?

For retailers who are unaffiliated and independent, buying a symbol or franchised store could mean huge advantages. You are acquiring a business already proven to work on every level, from branding to pricing and marketing, but how do you know whether it is a sensible idea?

What is a ‘symbol’ or ‘franchise’ store?

In convenience retail, the term ‘s

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Three major factors to consider when choosing a location for your new shop

Here, we outline three key factors to consider when deciding on the location for your business. Ensure your new venture thrives with the right area.

The location of a store is influential on the type of shopper it attracts, the shopping missions they are on and what services the store is best positioned to offer to meet customers’ needs. Below, we

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How to calculate markup and margins

With all the challenges that face the modern convenience store, it is vitally important to take the time to consider the markup and margin on the products you sell in your store. So, we’ve broken down how to calculate markup and margin and the key differences between the two.

What is markup?

Markup indicates the difference between the sales price of

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Is buying a convenience store a good idea?

At a time of economic uncertainty and the UK high street still declining, starting a small business is a risky decision. But all is not lost for those looking to get into the convenience sector, which despite competition and rising costs, is showing a healthy market growth and standing its own.

Here we explore the benefits of owning a convenience st

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