Understanding the importance of window displays for driving footfall

Marketing to your customers is about standing out from the competition and to do this you need to advertise what makes you unique, including new products your competition may not be selling. Footfall is driven by making passers-by want to visit your shop, so one of the best avenues to do this is through window displays. 

Your window displays tell customers the story of what your store is all about and it’s the area customers see first before they decide if they should enter your store or carry on walkingSo, your window displays are a key advertising platform that you should take advantage of.  

Here are some important things to consider before implementing your window displays: 

Tell your story 

As we mentioned above, your window displays give you the opportunity to tell your story and capture customers attention, driving footfallSo, you really can communicate your store’s unique qualities, as well as the products in store 

You may wish to advertise a local event that you are putting on for the community or tell customers about products or services they wouldn’t think to buy/use unless they spotted them when passing by. 

Keep it relevant 

There’s nothing worse than out of date promotions, they just become white noise. So, you’ll want to change your window displays as often as possible and really good way of doing this is through a digital display 

Digital signage gives you the advantage of making real time offers which don’t date and which are specific to your store. They are also great for drawing customers attention to speciality products that may otherwise be missed and seasonal offerings, boosting impulse purchases.  

Think about your audience 

Make sure your window display is relatable and relevant to your target customer demographic. Once you know what your target audience need, you can focus on this and over time build trust and credibility.This is essential for future success and growth.  

For example, make sure to advertise ATM services or perhaps the fact you stock necessary council-provided recycling bags.


Place it at eye level 

As well as considering your target audience, you’ll also need to think about perspective. To capture people’s attention through your window display, you need to make sure it physically grabs their attention. One of the best ways to do this is by placing the most visually engaging element of your window display at eye level. This might be a bestselling item or time-sensitive promotion. You’ll need to consider if your displays can be seen both on foot and by car.  

First impressions leave lasting ones 

As we’ve mentioned above, your stores appearance plays an important role in attracting and keeping customersYour window displays are seen by customers before they decide if they should enter your store or carry on walking, and they also represent the image of your store. So, make sure you keep your window displays clean and appealing to show a sense of pride 

By considering all these points you can formulate a planned display that will attract, engage and motivate customers to enter your store and make purchases.