5 simple marketing ideas to increase footfall to your convenience store

Shopper trends are evolving as fast as ever, meaning retailers are having to rethink their approach in order to remain relevant, sustainable and increase their footfall. Here are our five simple marketing ideas to increase footfall to your convenience store. 

1. Digital engagement 

Have you considered how easy your store is to find on Google? This should be the first thing you look at for increasing footfall. Make sure your Google business page is correct.  

Have you got a social media account? This is a great platform to engage with your community. By using social media to your advantage, you can effectively advertise your in-store services, special offers and seasonal promotions. Finally, use social media to humanise your store by sharing photos of your team 

2. Value added services  

Customers expect more than a pint of milk and newspaper from their local convenience store these days. So, to get ahead of competition and increase your footfall, why not offer some value-added services?  

The benefits of offering services don’t just stop with footfall either. For example, an in-store ATM is not only a great way to increase footfall but it means you can recycle the cash you bring in, reducing trips to the bank and banking charges.  

When it comes to ideas to increase sales in retail stores, another effective way is through offering a parcel serviceGive your customers the advantage of a hassle-free shopping experience and the ability to collect their parcels at a time that suits them, and they are likely to pick up a few essentials while visiting. With online shopping growing year-on-year, the demand for parcel services will only continue to grow, potentially meaning more customers for you 

3. Taking food-to-go further  

Food-to-go is now a key part of the modern convenience store offer and is a great way to increase footfall among younger consumers. Statistics reveal, one quarter of all convenience shoppers are on a food-to-go mission, and this rises to more than a third for shoppers under the age of 24. Furthermore, we know shoppers are more demanding and this doesn’t stop at food-to-go. One key driver that helps retailers take full-advantage of the opportunity is speed of service. The younger generation expect a fast speed of service, with 22% of food-to-go shoppers aged 16-24 stating this is their main driver to store. 

For more details on the figures visit Convenience Store Magazine 

4. Effective window displays 

Footfall is often driven by making passers-by want to visit your store, so you need to have a clean and tidy shop front and signage to attract potential customers. Next, take some time to think about your target audience and make sure your window displays reflect your shoppers needs.  

You’ll want to advertise your best sellers and key offers, as well as  tell customers what in-store services you offer such as bill payments, ATMs, dry cleaning, etc.  

Think about how much time people have when they walk or drive past your store and then design your window displays accordingly so that the messaging is clear no matter how people pass your store. You could install a digital display which has the advantage of letting you keep things fresh by changing the messaging with current offers and seasonal promotions. 

Finally, make sure you place items at eye level and ensure they are big enough to see. 

5. Customer service is key 

Offering a good customer service is more than just being friendly and selling items over the counter. It’s about making customers feel welcome and comfortable so that they visit frequently. You can do this by greeting them when they enter your store and making eye contactIt’s about matching your customers needs and forming long lasting relationships.  

What are you doing to support the local community e.g. the local school? Can you offer items for local events or run events yourself to thank customers?  

Finally, customers expect to be served quickly, even when the store is busy. So, make sure there is always someone on the till ready to serve.  

By implementing these simple measures, you’ll be able to bring in higher footfall, improve your reputation and increase your store profits.