Our convenience store cleaning and maintenance checklist

With customers constantly on the go, your convenience store has mere minutes to present a positive image from the entrance to the check-out counterPlus, competition never slows down and it’s vital to stay on top of your store cleanliness. So, make sure your customers have a good experience in your store by having a clean, well organised and safe environment. 

Although it’s hard to keep a convenience store clean from front to back, implementing a cleaning plan that motivates all your employees to get involved is a good place to start. Brief staff on the importance of completing a cleaning checklist every shift to meet health and cleaning standards, highlight the need for consistency, and make sure to reward their hard work.  

Having a checklist can help you run the store more efficiently and will give staff clear responsibilities and cleaning duties during their shift. We've created a checklist which breaks down tasks by the day, the week and the month so that you can start implementing your cleaning schedule straight away. Download it below.


Download The Convenience Store Cleaning Checklist (0.11mb)