Stock Management

How to sell age restricted items in your store

Preventing underage sales is a legal obligation, so it’s important retailers understand how to manage age restricted items.

A good first step is understanding which products are classed as age restricted recommended and which are legally restricted, so we’ve listed these two product categories below: 

Recommended age restricted products

CBD oil produc

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How to sell tobacco in your store

Before you can start selling tobacco in your store, you need to be aware that there are a number of tobacco laws you need to comply with. These include the Tobacco Display Ban regulations, the UK Standardised Packaging Regulations and Track and Trace.

Tobacco Display Ban

Since April 2015, it has been illegal to display tobacco products to people unde

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What is inventory management and why is it essential for success?

For many businesses, physical stock is their biggest expense, and this is especially true in the convenience retail space. Properly managing this can make the difference between success and failure, which is why it’s so vital to have effective inventory management in place. 

What is inventory management? 

Inventory management refers to the way you co

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What is EPoS and how can it help you?

In today’s uncertain economic climate, it’s crucial that you do everything possible to secure business efficiency and profitability. 

New technology has begun to truly revolutionise the convenience retailing industry in the last five years. These new technologies allow retailers to achieve all sorts of exciting ways of growing footfall, sales and pr

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10 retail tips to increase sales in your store

The modern convenience store needs to think outside the box now more than ever. With more competition, a younger customer base and new technologies, retailers need to approach how they run their business with new thinking and new initiatives. So, we’ve outlined 10 retail top tips on how to increase convenience store sales, below:

1. Marketing to cus

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What is upselling in retail and how do you implement it?

The definition of upselling is ‘a sales technique used to influence a customer to spend more money than they intended, either by purchasing another item in addition to the one they intended to buy or an upgraded or premium version’. 

It’s important to listen to the customer and consider who they are to convince them of the value in a more expensiv

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How can cross-selling boost your retail sales?

In convenience retail, the competition for market share is fierce, so using a range of cross-selling techniques could help your store gain a competitive advantage. With the aim being to boost footfall and maximise sales, how can cross-selling help?  

What is the definition of cross-selling? 

Cross-selling is a sales technique used by retailers to enc

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Loss leader pricing advantages and disadvantages for your store

Loss leaders are items sold in high volume at below cost price with the intention to attract customers into the store.  

The pricing strategy is built on the thought that once a customer is inside, they will be stimulated to purchase other full price items, so they can make up the loss. Examples could be steeply discounted offers for milk, meat and

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Three things to consider before visiting a convenience store wholesalers

The convenience retail industry is evolving and adapting as consumers needs are changingmore regulatory requirements come into playnew technologies emergeand competition increases.  

Thankfully, wholesalers are on hand to support convenience retailers to ensure that great service and fair prices are offered to everyone. If you are new to conve

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How to get a licence to sell alcohol

Any business or individual who wants to sell alcohol within the UK must hold an appropriate licence. In England and Wales, the authorisation will come from your local council, but the law and policy will be governed by the Home Office.

Read on to find out everything you need to know, from how to apply for an alcohol licence to how much it will cost.

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Where to buy tobacco wholesale in the UK

So, you want to sell tobacco products from your convenience store. Well, first you need to purchase it. Read on for a brief overview of the process and key things to consider before swiping your credit card.

Do you need a licence to buy wholesale rolling tobacco or cigarettes?

The short answer to that is no.

In England, Wales and Northern Ireland, ret

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